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Sony RAW Driver Download Latest V2.0.0.8130 For Windows

If you have a Sony digital camera and the images you saved on your PC are in ARW files, you will need a driver to view these digital photographs. RAW Driver of Sony is a user-friendly software program that allows you to view RAW data, including ARW, SRF, and SR2 image files, on your Windows operating system. All you need to do is install the Sony RAW driver on your PC, and you can view your images in the Photo Gallery of Windows, just like JPEG files.

Many apps have been developed to process and view Sony RAW files on Windows, but these apps usually do not perform well and have many bad reviews. However, Sony RAW software performs well with both Windows Files Explorer and Photos and displays images correctly.

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Sony Company designed Sony Software to enable correct functioning and communication between Windows PC and Sony Digital Camera. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. This software comes as a Windows .exe file which makes the installation and downloading process way more manageable. The setup files take up to 1.7 MB of space and comprise 37 files. Although to ensure a smooth installation, you will need to close every program on your PC and clear the taskbar so that there is no interference by other programs.

Sony RAW Driver

Sony driver is developed to process and view Sony RAW data on Windows operating system. Downloading this driver on your PC on your Windows will enable you to display all the ARW files of your digital photographs in the Photos and Files Explorer of your Windows.

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Your PC will be able to access RAW data easily. This driver is for digital cameras like Sony Cybershot, Sony Alpha, and Sony NEX. It is considered a user-friendly add-on for Windows PC to display images and photos correctly.

Sony RAW Files

Sony RAW file is an image format in which your photos are saved on your Windows from your Sony digital Camera. The word RAW has no abbreviation and means precisely what RAW means in literature. RAW data format allows photographers to freely control and adjust the processing parameters of this format, unlike the JPEG format.

Sony RAW files of Sony digital cameras are saved on your Windows with ARW extension. ARW files are image files used to save photos from digital cameras and contain unprocessed and raw image data. The ARW files can be easily opened and viewed in MS Windows Photos Gallery. These files can also be viewed in iOS Mac by simply previewing them.

Sony RAW Software

RAW Driver software of Sony is a free software program that permits Windows OS to display and preview Sony RAW files in ARW format. This driver software works by installing the program and running the executable file on Windows.

After completing the installation process, this software will enable you to view your photos in Windows Photo Gallery as you view JPEG files. This software is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and can be downloaded on the 32-bit version of Windows. If you plan to buy a high-end or mid-range Sony camera, this driver is best for you to view the photos on your Windows.

Features Of Sony Software

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Apart from being user-friendly software, this driver has many exciting features.

  1. Sony Software for RAW data is a simple and handy tool for displaying Sony ARW image files.
  2. The processing of this driver is automated.
  3. The processing configuration is flexible, allowing the user to change parameters.
  4. This driver gives direct access to Sony RAW data.
  5. It allows you to display ARW files in Windows Explorer and Windows Photos Gallery the same way you view images in JPEG format.
  6. After downloading this driver, your Windows will easily access and preview the RAW data from your Sony digital cameras without the need for any other software.
  7. This RAW Software is freeware and does not charge any fee or payment.
  8. Unlike commercial software, it does not require any payment or licensing fee.

Sony RAW Driver Download

To download the Sony driver Software on your Windows PC, follow the steps given below:

  • First, search and visit a website that offers this driver for your Windows. Then log in with their administrative privilege as a user.
  • Click on the download option given. A .exe file will be downloaded.
  • Run the .exe file, and the installation process will start automatically.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process correctly.
  • Restart your PC to apply the changes made. The driver is ready to use.

Additional Information

FAQs About RAW Driver


Sony RAW Driver is software designed by Sony to process and view Sony RAW data, including ARW, SRF, and SR2 image files on your Windows operating system from your Sony digital camera. Sony RAW file is an image format in which your photos are saved on your Windows from your Sony digital Camera.

The latest version of Sony RAW Software is, which 98% of all users use. It is entirely free software, unlike other commercial software. If you have a high-end or mid-range Sony camera, this driver is excellent for displaying photos on your Windows.

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